Comprehensive Funeral Planning for a Respectful Memorial Service

Let us help you with funeral planning, so you can be with your friends and family during this difficult time. At Gormley Funeral Home, LLC in Atlantic City, New Jersey, our funeral planning experts are here to help you with every detail of your loved one’s memorial service.

Funeral Arrangements
Rely on us for customized funerals, memorials, and viewing areas that honor the memory of your loved one who has passed on. Digital presentations, slideshows, videos, music, and displays of personal items are all available to help you celebrate their life.
All faiths and cultures are welcome, and we offer traditional funeral services, as well as unique, contemporary memorials.

Pre-planning is done either at your home or in our office, whichever you prefer. Cremations, traditional burial or entombment and scattering of cremated remains (cremains/ashes) at sea are all available. Special arrangement can be made for sea burial of casketed remains, as well.  Sea scattering of cremains or sea burials are arranged through the Atlantic Sea Hearse Service. We also provide private services and simple memorial services as well as pre-paid funeral arrangements through the NJ Prepaid Funeral Trust. All services are available both on-site at our Funeral Home or off-site at a location of your selection.
Domestic & International Services
We know how important it is that your loved one be buried in their desired location. For this reason, we offer preparation and domestic or international shipping of remains, and we can also arrange for shipping from the place of death to our funeral home from any location around the world.

Contact us in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for help to create an individualized memorial service with our accommodating funeral planning.